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            Condenser & Heat Exchanger Services Plan

            About Us

            We specializing in energy and power, petrochemical, metallurgical machinery, refrigeration and air conditioning industry, equipment manufacturing, installation repair equipment manufacturing research and development.


            With perfect records of over 800s of retubing projects done worldwide, we have become one of most recognized names in the retubing field.


            Lanbo group in the process of development, for invention and utility model patents 50.


            Condenser Services


            Unlike our competitors, all tools we use for retubing are designed, manufactured, field tested and constantly improved by Lanbo. We not only provide our clients the best retubing solution but also with significantly shorter lead time. A typical 10,000 tube condenser can be retubed in less than two weeks. A 25,000 tube condenser can be retubed within a three week outage.


            Lanbo provides planning, guidance, onsite technical assistance, and specialized condenser retubing tooling packages to efficiently return your condensers to optimized performance.

            Hotline: +86-551-62884258
            Address: 159 Tiandu Road, Hefei, Anhui, China
            Contact Us


            Unremitting pursuit of perfection and dedication to customer service
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